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 Literacy Legacy Fund of Michigan Grant Recipients

On this page we proudly share information and images of recent recipients of Competitive Grants, Legacy Awards and JumpStart Financial Grants recipients.  Spotlight Awards are highlighted on our Special Project page.  Each grant cycle we fund grants to individuals, agencies and organizations to enhance literacy in Michigan…apply now so that we may celebrate your good work in literacy enhancement.

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JumpStart Financial Incentive & Legacy Awards 2017

We are pleased to announce the award of JumpStart Financial Incentive Award to Bedford Elementary (Dearborn Heights Dist #7), Daisy Brook Elementary (Freemont District), and MAPS Alternative HS writing survey.  UP Children’s Museum is the first recipient of our new Legacy Grant.  More information will be posted on this page and the Special Projects page as it is available.


2017 Competitive Grant Recipients

LLF Michigan awarded 2017 competitive grants to Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum and Ritter Elementary School.  More information will be posted as it becomes available.  Please check back to view how our grant recipients are enhancing literacy in Michigan.


2017 Summer/Fall Grant Recipient

Another successful Family Literacy Night at the UP Children’s Museum – congrats!  This Family Literacy Night was featured in the Marquette Mining Journal, November 19th, section 1C.  Please use this link to read the article…

UPCM Word Warriors – Grant



2017 Winter/Spring Grant Recipient

Family Literacy Night – Get to Know the Marquette Symphony Orchestra at the UP Children’s Museum in April.  This event was added to the Third Thursday Literacy nights program originally funded with a competitive grant for winter/spring 2017.  Pictured below are two students, Colleen and Alexis (both members in the Fine Tuners at Marquette High School) posing with note and fruit cards.  This particular session was titled “Music, Rhythm, Reading: play the clapping game and learn how to read musical notes”.  It was one of several stations set up for participants to visit.  The second photo shows another great session in the evenings line up.  There were over 200 children, parents and volunteers in attendance, probably the largest number attending since the inception of this series in spring of 2016.  UPCM has received several ongoing grants since their first award in 2016.  Look for more information on their exciting events on this page and the Special Projects page.


UPCM 4th 3rd Thurs 1

UPCM 4th 3rd Thurs 2



The Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum received a third competitive grant for their Third Thursday Literacy Nights to assist with admission to the museum and the purchase of books for attendees to take home after visiting various stations.  The photo is of children and parents listening to a story read by a professional dancer, followed by the chance to enact the story.


UPCM 1-17



Summer/Fall 2016 Grants awarded to assist these agencies/organizations with their literacy enhancement efforts

Daly Elementary-Westwood ~ Funds to send 3 teachers to attend MAISA MiELA summer institute and this is how they implemented what they learned.

grant 4.2016 v3

grant 5.2016 v2

grant 2 .2016 v2


Ele’s Place-Flint~ Funds to purchase grief specific books for lending library with focus on all age groups, and all aspects of grief and healing

Kingsbury Country Day School in Oxford ~ Received funds to purchase variety of non-fiction materials for research and information gathering related to the curriculum kindergarten through grade 8.  The photos below show the “fruits” of the grant purpose in action.



Morrice Elementary ~ Funds to send 3 educators to attend MAISA MiELA summer institute

UP Children’s Museum-Marquette, Everett HS-Lansing, and St. Joseph County Literacy Council are featured below.



2016 Summer/Fall Grant Recipient

LLF Michigan awarded the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum another grant to support their Third Thursday Literacy Nights at the museum. The grant provided funds for the purchase of books to be given away, including distribution costs and printing.  There were nine literacy enhancement stations, one of which was a fake fire camp fire setting.  How fun for the children to read around the campfire!  At the conclusion of the evening books were distributed to the children and their parents.  Below are photos of Jim Edwards (Museum Manager) and Phyllis Aurich (LLF Michigan Board Member) looking at the books for distribution and Clifford reviewing the program, titled “Hunting Season Reading Night”.   It was a fun night full of opportunity to enhance the children’s literacy skills and we were pleased to provide funding and assistance for this project!  More photos can be found on our Facebook page.





2016 LLF of Michigan Grant Recipients

LLF Michigan recently awarded St. Joseph County Literacy Council (pictured below) $1,000 to purchase ESL teaching materials which will also be used to provide ESL training to volunteer tutors in St.Joseph County that includes a Spanish speaking population.  The primary mission of St. Joseph County Literacy Council is to help improve adult literacy in the St. Joseph County.  The county ranks 12th from the bottom out of 83 Michigan counties in overall literacy.


6.27.2017 SJCRCgroup

6.27.2017 SJCRC 1-1 tutoring



2016 LLF Michigan Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall Grant

Lansing Everett High School, received an LLF Michigan grant for the 2016 Winter/Spring cycle. The LLF Michigan grant is being used to improve the fiction section of the High School Media Center.


IMG_20160127_080814596 (1)-2

EHS graphic novel section 7.2017


The Lansing Everett High School has been approved for a 2016 Summer/Fall grant to update their graphic novel library collection.  Congratulations Lansing Everett High School!

Below Joy Currie, librarian at Lansing Everett High School and recipient of LLF Michigan 2016 Summer/Fall competitive grant, and Dee Halstead share details and success with Nancy Seminoff at a Annual MRA Conference.  Great job on your progress, implementation and follow through!

MRA 2 2017



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