ANNOUNCING NEW Grant Opportunities and deadlines

LLF Michigan newly revised grant information ~

  • Applicants may apply as individuals or as a team.
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Agencies may apply for a grant.
  • Grant purposes include: 1) to implement a literacy-related project, event or research project to support  literacy development or enhancement of a Michigan citizenry at any age level, or 2) to improve an educator’s literacy-related professional learning* and teaching.
  • Funding of up to $1,000 per grant is available in two cycles:  WINTER/SPRING and SUMMER/FALL
  • Our next grant deadline: New Summer/Fall cycle grant cycle deadline will be announced early spring 2017.  Please email inquires using the email link on our sidebar.

Applicants may have up to 8 months from notification of the award to implementation and evaluation.

*Professional learning may include attendance at a Michigan professional conference selected from a list approved by LLF Michigan.  Please visit the “Conference” page to view the list.  Below are 2016 Grant Applications  ~ please check back for up dated 2017 applications.

2016 Grant Application part I

2016 Grant Application part II

2016 Grant Application part III


Did you know that:

> As of December 2016, the Literacy Legacy Fund of Michigan has distributed 38 individual grants, 3 team grants and 9 Agency/Organization grants, a value of over $18,000.

> Each grant cycle an independent group of grant readers review and recommend grant applications for funding.

> We are pleased to provide financial assistance to these agencies/organizations to assist with their literacy enhancement efforts ~ UP Children’s Museum-Marquette, Everett HS-Lansing, Daly Elementary-Westwood, Ele’s Place-Flint, Kingsbury-Oxford, Morrice Elementary, and St. Joseph County Literacy Council.

Meet our Grant Recipients and see what they say.

The results are in!

2016 LLF Michigan Summer/Fall Grant Recipient.
The UP Children’s Museum-Marquette has been approved for a 2016 Summer/Fall grant to enhance literacy in Michigan. Congratulations UP Children’s Museum-Marquette on your second grant! We are pleased to provide financial assistance for your literacy events.