ANNOUNCING Grant Opportunities and Deadlines

LLF Michigan Grant Information ~

  • Non-Profit Organizations and educational institutions may apply for a grant or special project funding.
  • Grant purposes may be to implement a literacy-related project, event or research project or to attend a professional conference* to support literacy development or enhancement of a Michigan citizenry at any age level.
  • Recipients may have up to 8 months from notification of the award to complete implementation and evaluation unless otherwise stated for these evidence based grants..

*Professional learning may include attendance at a Michigan professional conference selected from a list approved by LLF Michigan. Please inquire.

Funding Categories & Descriptions:

Jump Start Financial Incentive – For launching or supporting a new or existing worth project.

Legacy Award – For funding projects demonstrating potential for long-term impact; implementation over a 18-24 month period.

Special Projects – For supporting a unique activity or event; does not require evidence-based reporting; has future grant potential.

Spotlight – Given periodically in recognition for having a significant impact and/or deemed to be worthy of high praise and emulation by others.


Grant Application (PDF)

Grant Application Instructions

Grant Evaluation Format

Grant Evaluation Format Instructions


Did you know that:

> As of December 2018, the Literacy Legacy Fund of Michigan has distributed numerous individual grants, team grants, and agency/organization grants and Spotlight Award; a value of over $38,000.




Marquette Regional History Center  (MRHC) was awarded a JumpStart grant in 2019 for their work to preserve priceless local history documents.  In 2018 the MRHC was awarded two grants, one to waive research fees for NMU students and the other grant provided funds for training & workshops.  Read more on our Grant Recipient page.