Special Projects

Special Projects


LLF Michigan has contributed to UPAWS to assist with the set up of their Kids Care, Reading Buddies Program.  This program pairs children with pets and books.  Reading to the pets fosters socialization for the pet while increasing the child’s reading skills


LLF Michigan is teaming up with Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to host a Storybook Hike program with children’s author Lori Taylor at Munising Falls on July 26, 2018 at 2 pm.  Board chairwoman, Nancy Seminoff, met with the park’s Education Specialist, Melissa O’Donnell, last week to scout the program site.  For more information about the youth program, call 906-202-4031.

Join in the fun for a Story Hike Adventure!


It is our pleasure to share the bookmarks and coloring page Lori Taylor created (links shared below).  You may download and copy these free resources.  To see more of Lori Taylors work, books and learn more about Lori please visit her website.


Coloring Page


LLF Michigan announces their first Legacy Grant

After grant funding U. P. Children’s Museum for two years of successful Third Thursday Literacy Nights we are pleased to announce the award of our first Legacy Grant.  This grant covers the fall of 2017 and 2018 and will allow UPCM to plan future Third Thursday Literacy Nights without continually applying for grants.  Legacy Grants can be renewed.




  • $2,500 annually in 2016, 2017 and 2018 to assist an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a teacher education program at Wayne State University
  • Part-time or full time student receives assistance with tuition and other educational expenses
  • Tilles retired in 2015 as an Associate Professor at Wayne State University
    • Served 45 years at WSU in the Teacher Education Division (TED)
    • Taught in the Detroit Public Schools and at Hunter College, NYC
    • Received the MRA Reading Educator of the Year Award
    • Received the WSU Excellence in Teaching Award-College of Education
    • Well-known and respected as a teacher, mentor, and advisor to hundreds of students

Contributions to LLF Michigan accepted throughout the year to a temporarily restricted fund and transferred annually on March 1 to the WSU Foundation-College of Education.


Lori Taylor Artist-in-residence Program

Artist-in-residence programs exist to invite artists and all manner of creative people for a time and space away from their usual environment and obligations.  In 2015 LLF Michigan entered into an Artist-in-residence program with Lori Taylor.  Lori is a “pond stomping, trail stumbling artist, author, and illustrator in hiking boots. I rehabilitate kids and release them into the wild outdoors by encouraging them to read, write, and draw in nature to find their story.  (direct quote from Lori’s website)”  While “in-residence” Lori created a wonderful, artist pop-up book for LLF Michigan, which was inspired by her Artist-in-Residence rustic surroundings, then later displayed and sold at the Michigan Reading Annual Conference in 2016.  During the residency program Lori Taylor shared her experience with the public through demonstrations or talks.  Pictured below are Lori with her book presenting at NMU and the book she created for us.