Special Projects

Literacy Legacy Fund of Michigan has found new ways to recognize those involved with improving literacy.


JumpStart Financial Incentive Awards 2017 and Continuing

Bedford Elementary (Dearborn Heights District #7), Daisy Brook Elementary (Fremont District),  and UP Children’s Museum have received JumpStart Incentive Grants so far this year.  Please check back to learn how they are using their grant funds to enhance literacy in Michigan.


MAPS/NMU High School Writing Project – JumpStart Grant 2017

The English Language Arts classes at Marquette Alternative High School (MAPS) received a JumpStart Grant to implement a personal journaling project using the 500 Writing Prompts (Picadilly, 2015).  The 24 students involved in the project were motivated to work on the assignment outside of class time, on their own personal breaks: lunch, free periods, before and after school. In addition, students requested to complete more than the required number of writing assignments, saying, “I love these journals, I want to write in mine” or once completing their required number, would ask me, “Can I write more than that?” and “Can I keep writing?”

MAHS Photo

Brooke and Nora



Bedford Elementary (Dearborn Heights District #7)

Bedford Elementary School, Dearborn Heights District #7, received a $1,000 JumpStart Financial Incentive Award to purchase books for their summer reading program. The project is entitled “Say No to Summer Slide. Say Yes to Summer Pride.” Photos (below) are of National Honor Society kids stamping the books received from LLF MI. The children participating in the program selected their own books to ensure a vested interest in reading them over the summer.  The intent of this project is to prevent summer reading loss by putting quality books into the hands of Bedford Elementary kindergarten and first grade students.  This book project will be featured in the Take a Stand Center at the Illinois Holocaust Museum. And, please join us as we congratulate Karri Moccio for being this year’s recipient of the Excellence in Education awards program started by the Michigan State Lottery.  This award recognizes Michigan K-12 public school teachers and staff who are making a significant impact in the lives of Michigan students.

Bedford Elem JS Grant 3 7.2017 Bedford Elem JS grant 2 7.2017


Free Bookmarks and Coloring Page

LLF Michigan teamed up with Lori Taylor, artist, author, and illustrator to create downloadable bookmarks and a coloring page.  Download your copy of each below.


Coloring Page

Visit Lori Taylor’s website by clicking here


Recently a Spotlight Award was given to Dr. J. Tilles.  Congratulations!


Dr. J. Tilles


This award, bestowed for the first time in 2016, will be given periodically by the Literacy Legacy Fund of Michigan to an outstanding individual, agency, organization, institution or other entity in recognition for having a significant impact on the improvement of literacy in Michigan, and deemed to be worthy of high praise and emulation by others.

The 2016 Literacy Legacy Fund of Michigan SPOTLIGHT AWARD recipient is Dr. Jacqueline Tilles. A scholarship in her honor is available annually for each of the next three years to assist students enrolled in a teacher education program at Wayne State University.

Mary Mathews, a graduate student of Dr. Tilles, shares her thoughts in a tribute.

To learn more about the scholarship, click here.

Miriam Garzes-Njie (shown below), 2016 recipient of the LLF of Michigan Annual Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Jacqueline Tilles to attend Wayne State University in 2016-17, chats with Dr. Nancy Seminoff at the scholarship reception on the WSU campus in May.  To read Miriam’s Bio click here.




Special Project 2016 JumpStart Financial Incentive Award


Thank you Marquette County Steelworkers Coalition ~ their generous donation provided funds that made it possible to fund “Family Literacy Night” at the U.P. Children’s Museum in Marquette, Michigan.  The funding provided family passes and museum admission, books for families and an independent station to promote parent involvement in reading with children.  This photo shows Jim Edwards, Program Director for the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum, selecting a  book for distribution at one of the Family Literacy nights.